The project to deliver our Wide Area Network, servers and terminals to link the 34 branches to our head office was vital to the continued growth of our business.  The planning and implementation of the project could not be faulted and is a credit to all involved. The business has already seen benefits through improved efficiency and cost reductions.

Phil Lomas, National Windscreens

IT Security

What Is Speed Without Control?

Fibre is here, 40Mb+ download speeds are now a reality and are set to increase even further over the next few years. However, with extra speed comes extra exposure to internet security threats resulting in lower productivity, through malware infection and potential data loss.

Network upgrades in the workplace are normally to enable business applications, whether on premise or cloud based, to run more efficiently. The reality though is that business users consume more bandwidth hungry services, such as on-demand TV, social media and streaming video and the mission critical applications suffer to poor performance to the detriment of the business. One example of this could be services such as NetFlix or Sky Go that allow users to stream HD video straight to their PCs or mobile devices. You may have a content policy to prevent this but are you controlling the user on the wireless network you provide for guests or employees to use?

Dell SonicWALL

As a Silver Partner with Dell SonicWALL, Connexus are expertly placed to offer the complete range of Dell SonicWALL Security products. The Dell SonicWALL family of firewalls tightly integrates intrusion prevention, malware protection and Application Intelligence & Control with real-time visualisation. The Dell SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection engine scans 100% of traffic and massively scales to meet the needs of the most high-performance networks.



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