Being in the television production industry it is vital that we have a robust and scalable network to meet our large bandwidth requirements. Connexus has provided us with a network that meets our demanding requirements for moving around large volumes of data.  On top of this they manage all of our voice requirements from the Avaya IP Telephone System through to a competitive calls and line package.

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Connexus prides itself on it’s expertise in the area of virtualisation. Whether you have 3 or 300 servers Connexus can design, build and maintain your virtual infrastructure allowing you to benefit from all the advantages virtualisation can bring to businesses large and small.

Key benefits -

  • Reduce IT costs by consolidating servers to increase utilization of existing IT hardware from 5-15 percent to as much as 60-80 percent.
  • Improve productivity with centralized management and automation tools that streamline and accelerate key processes such as virtual machine provisioning, enabling IT teams to take a more strategic role in the enterprise.
  • Ensure always-on IT with cost-effective data protection, high availability, automated disaster recovery, and live migration for zero downtime hardware maintenance.
  • Improve application quality by testing applications in virtual machine pre-production “sandbox” staging environments, resulting in less downtime for the applications that run and drive the business.
  • Strengthen security by enforcing configuration standards with automated patch management of server hosts and virtual machines, and by maintaining stateful security policies as virtual machines migrate from one server to another.

Private Cloud

Working with industry leading suppliers we can design and build a scalable cloud environment, built using infrastructure solely dedicated to your business. Whether hosted on your premises or in a partner data center you’ll enjoy all the flexibility, redundancy and cost saving associated with a virtual environment whilst maintaining complete control of all aspects of your infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which an organization provides and manages some resources in-house and has others provided externally. For example, an organization might use a public cloud service, such as Microsoft Office 365 for email and collaboration but continue to maintain in-house storage for operational customer data.

Cloud Services

From simple Hosted Exchange for email or Connexus VAULT for backup all the way up to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, let Connexus guide you through the revolution that is cloud computing.


VDI – Virtual Desktops

Deliver Windows apps and desktops to any device, anywhere

With an increasingly mobile workforce, people want the ability to access their apps and desktops on a growing number of devices. This demand has made it more complex and costly for IT to manage and provide secure access to apps and desktops on any device.

You need a complete desktop virtualization solution that delivers Windows apps and desktops to any device, anywhere so you can:

  • Increase employee productivity with high performance, anywhere access to Windows apps and desktops
  • Simplify support by delivering apps and desktops to any device on-demand
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of desktop and application management
  • Protect business information through centralization and access control policies

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