Being in the television production industry it is vital that we have a robust and scalable network to meet our large bandwidth requirements. Connexus has provided us with a network that meets our demanding requirements for moving around large volumes of data.  On top of this they manage all of our voice requirements from the Avaya IP Telephone System through to a competitive calls and line package.

Dafydd Felix-Richards, Boom Pictures

Ethernet Access Direct (EAD)

Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) is a point-to-point data service offering high bandwidth connectivity over a standard radial distance up to 25km between sites. This enables a secure link between a combination of end user sites. It is ideal to extend LAN infrastructure over the network, with standard Ethernet connectivity.



  • 10MB/s – 1000MB/s un-contended capacity
  • Single fibre working
  • Optical fibre cable offering un-contended bandwidth
  • Chassis with front facing fans, power units and cabling
  • Maximum radial distance range of 25km (standard) to 35km (extended reach at 1000 Mbit/s) – including inter-exchange links
  • No bandwidth usage limits



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